Monday, February 6, 2012

What Lies Beneath

On February 1st of 2012, I posted an image, that to my surprise, was enjoyed by a large number of people.  That makes me very happy. b  In fact, the number of views this image received here on G+ in 3 days was nearly as many TOTAL views, I have ever received on Flickr in over a year!.

 I don't really want to repeat the original post in this blog entry, but it can be found here: Google+ Post for "What Lies Beneath".

One of the people who follows my stream decided to write a poem to go along with the image.  I enjoyed all of the comments, and I was especially touched that someone saw one of my images and was moved to create something unique for it.

The following was written by Samuel Larson - and for it, I am extremely grateful.  Thank you Samuel.

the fog does not lift,
it is a gift.

the orange is set,
this is what we get.

it looks great,
nothing to hate.

many do wonder how this came,
even I wonder the same.

ponder and ponder "from where did this come?"
without knowledge, you feel dumb.

but many of you may know who its from,
from God it has come.

slow it rolls in like a snail
that is on a wet trail.

quiet nice mist from heaven,
people watch it from 6:30 to 7.

What Lies Beneath


  1. Good Poem and better than I can or could write. The photo however is fantastic. Soon I'll be able to show all of your photos to my 92 year old Mother.

  2. Nice poem to go with it! Really great image, and the numbers really do say a lot about the shift from Flickr to Google+. Interesting!